NOTE: I'll be keeping the numbers for versions the same for both guides, which means there may be some skips in the numbers on either version. The text version will always have T at the end of the numbers, and the HTML an H (You know, just in case you can't tell the difference...)

Ver 1.0: 06/18/02
All sections complete, albeit in rough form.

Ver 1.1: 07/29/02
Added "Ship Flown" to wingman section. Added "NW" to the end of No Wingman missions. Corrected endless typos, rewrote a lot of intros, etc. and added 2 new FAQs. This is the first public / published version.

Ver 1.2: 08/13/02
How stupid. I forgot to spell-check Ver 1.1 after writing new intros etc. Should be OK now.

Ver 1.3: 10/26/02
Reworded a few things, corrected a couple of typos etc. Big thanks to bboyhops, who sent me nine different crates, which I have added.

Ver 1.4: 10/14/03
Updated my email. (My apologies to everyone who hasn't been able to get a hold of me... The lousy website shut down without telling anyone, but I didn't notice for a while because I only used that addy for walkthrough stuff.) Reworded a lot of stuff to improve readability. Added a "Cost Each" to the missiles and rockets, and a Range to all weapons.

Ver 2.0H: 12/01/03
Why the big jump from 1.4 to 2.0? And whats with the H??? I've made an HTML-based version of this guide. You can find a copy of it at my personal game walkthrough site, [[Old site, removed.]] For more explanation, see the notes at the top of this page. Big thanks to an anonymous reader, who pointed out that the Chatter Cannon recharges every mission, and that I'd forgotten to include some really useful tips in the missions section. He also motivated me to go make a chart of the Letzer training courses' pay. Also notable is that I resequenced the order that the weapons are listed in.

Ver 2.01H: 04/11/04
Mostly minor changes to the HTML version. Worth noting: I moved the wingman assesment to after the weapons and CPU cards... it just didn't make sense where it was. Also cleaned up all the pictures of the ships (Moved the text closer and cleaned up background pixels.) Also added a crate sent by A Figure In Black, and another two that I found, but went looking for because of a guy by the name of Daniel Palma (Whose e-mail I accidentally deleted... Dan, If you're reading this, I'm sorry I didn't email you back, but I found the Munn!)

Ver 2.02H: 10/08/04
Updated the "Weasel in the coop" mission with two tips on how to avoid getting spotted by the patrol drones. Thank you, Lewis Cummings and two anonymous tipsters.

Ver 2.03H: 10/27/04
Added a new cheat sent in by an anonymous tipster. (Free extra missiles)