This is a listing of all GalSpan missions, including details of employer, pay, region, and any new goodies you get. "NW" at the end of the mission title line means you can't take your wingman with you on that mission. The items / ship / pass info after Taking Away Independence below is a listing of everything available, as some items that used to be available aren't any more.

Taking Away Independence (GalSpan - 9625 cr - H)
Destroy the 3 shuttles and all the fighters. You do get a whole whack of help. After that, you can leave. On completing this mission, you will be given a Poseidon Multirole Bomber "as a sign-on bonus".
New Items: Glint Lt. Laser, Hunter Torpedo, Tiger Missiles, Tesla EMP Missiles, Lead Target Assistant, Combat Scanner, Afterburner, Lock-on warning.
New Ship: Poseidon
New Wingman: Jasper
New Regional Pass: Hub to GalSpan

Picking the Stone (GalSpan - 14875 cr - H)
Disable the freighter Burrow by destroying their power generator. You will be attacked by several Bora fighters, both on the way there and after attacking. Destroy all the fighters to win. Word of advice: fly right behind the Burrow, aligning the shield generator and the powerplant in your crosshairs, and you'll be able to disable them using lasers before they get their SOS off.
New Items: Sunspot Missiles, Burn-off device
New Ship: Orion
New Wingman: Dorwin Kincaid
New Regional Pass: Hub to Frontier

Magellan Shipment (Alpha Control - 5425 cr - H)
Escort the Magellan convoy to Hera Sector, protecting it from Leon and his fellow Mercs. You must get at least five ships through to get paid. I suggest you assign your wingman to protect the rear-left shuttle, it seems to be the one most attacked. (I can't tell you the number, it seems to vary from game to game. I've seen it labeled 3, 4 and 5.)

Missing Squadron (GalSpan - 16625 cr - G)
Go to the Nereus Research Sector. Destroy all the Bora fighters. The Battleaxes carry radar jammers which are particularly annoying.
New Items: Advanced Radar

Bonus Incentive Program (GalSpan - 11025 cr - G) NW
Destroy four waves of drones faster than Lakita Ramos does. I suggest taking Hunter torpedoes, because one hit from those will destroy a drone. On the way back, you will be attacked by some of Lakita's friends. Just dodge them, or you'll lose. The Nonstop Burning trick is very useful here!
New Wingman: Lakita Ramos

Strafing Run (Baron Malkar - 14875 cr - F)
Destroy Hajod's 8 new Midge fighters. Little tip: Fly perpendicular to the landing pads. You can quickly get rid of half of them with lasers before Hajod finishes telling you off. Hit Autopilot as soon as you finish with the rest of them. You'll avoid more fighters, and the station's lasers.
New Items: Aim-point Module

The Posse (Atlantic Casino - 8925 cr - F) NW
Destroy the Skav pirates that blackmail the Atlantic Casino. Ooh, hard. In-flight, you make a bet as to who can kill 3 ships first, but you can't collect, and don't have to pay.
New Items: Chatter Cannon, Shield Reserves
New Wingman: A.J. Freesh

Hunting the Hunter (GalSpan - 19950 cr - F)
Go to Midas station. You'll be given information. Then, go to Malkar's Barony, where you'll see Susan Bradley, the leader of the Bora, leaving the station. After that, run for it. Malkar's Tregs are tough ships.
New Items: Flare Med. Laser, Disruptor Torpedo
New Wingman: Jasper 500

Illicit Pickup (Arman Patrioli - 12250 cr - F)
Go to Foothold. Near the Nav buoy, there are two crates, one is a box of Handguns, the other is useless. Pick up the handguns and return to Vegas. You'll be attacked by Skavs on the way back. When flying GalSpan, there's a box of mining equipment in the asteroids; turn 90� to the right as soon as you enter the foothold sector.
New Items: EW Jammer

Cracking Virtue (GalSpan - 23100 cr - F)
Fly to the Foothold sector. Get near the containment platform, and you will automatically dock and release the sabo-drone. Defend the Cephius until it retrieves all the ripstars and then go home.
New Items: Deimos Hvy. Laser, Solaris Torpedo, Blast Torpedo, Ammo Hold
New Ship: Pegasus
New Wingman: Tora Embers
New Regional Pass: Frontier to GalSpan

The Messenger (Baroness Onrald - 9000 cr - F)
This mission is listed in the job board at 8400 cr. You get a bonus because Onrald doesn't expect you to get attacked (and you are.) Strategy: Go around to all the laser platforms before landing and destroy all the Weapons Powerplants. (There are 10 of them: One at a right angle to the TCG gate, 3 on each side between the gate and station, one under the landing platform, and two on the upper, opposite side of the station) They will then be unable to fire on you and you'll only have to deal with fighters. What's more, you can just use the Nonstop burning trick to go right past them, skipping battle entirely if you wish.

Prometheus Patrol (GalSpan - 28000 cr - G)
Go to the Prometheus sector. Stop right at the gate, because you will have to go back and destroy 4 satellites in the Ceriphilon sector. Once you're done that, head back to Prometheus. Help repel the Bora attack. The module will blow up, but you still get paid.
New Items: Tracking Enhancements, Tractor wave
New Wingman: Captain Jond Rand
New Regional Pass: GalSpan to Ripstar

Color of the Nose (GalSpan - 16125 cr - G)
You are to hand deliver a message to Adm. Hagen about Capt. Martes. However, you must pass by Martes. If you bring A.J. Freesh as a wingman, he kisses up to the Captain, so he opens the gate without complaint. If not, Martes sends a wing of Orions to "escort you and show his support for the company", and you will have to destroy them. Either way, Hagen fires Martes. Martes attempts to steal the Demeter. Disabling the Demeter doesn't pay more, but it's easy to do. (Destroy the powerplant.)
New Items: Afterburner Reserve

Pirate Attack (GalSpan - 17175 cr - G)
Go to Apollo Research. Pay no attention to the Skavs, but focus on the Bora ships. They are trying to steal computer codes from the satellite. Destroy them in order to win. Destroying the satellite also works, but you get a 2000 cr. pay cut.

Crystal Hunt (GalSpan - 30000 cr - R)
Find a KC2 crystal. After you pass the nav buoy, there will be one Ripstar highlighted, the KC2 crystal is near it. When you hear the "Oh, there it is" message, STOP. You'll be able to see the crystal if you look around, (a bright spot slightly larger than the stars) but it wont show up on radar, and you'll never find it otherwise. Ignore the Bora mines and minelayers. Just steer clear. In Canopus sector, destroy the (pathetic) Bora fighters and land and deliver the KC2 to the research station. The Daggers are easily destroyed by one hit from a laser.
New Items: Swarm Missiles, Lock-on Defense, Laser Reserves
New Ship: Phoenix

Saving Spike (Cinder Station - 5920 cr - R)
In order to get this mission, you must first fly the Magellan Escort mission in the Hub... because this is the mission where you get to beat up on Leon. This mission is a lot easier if you're flying GalSpan, because in the first sector, you only have to deal with about half as many ships, and Leon retreats. LET HIM GO. If you destroy him in the first sector, while flying GalSpan, you can't win the mission. You get a second sector with more fighters... and Leon. I'd suggest assigning your wingman to attack Leon, while you take out the rest of the ships. Then, once you're done, finish off Leon together (or alone...) Even if Cobalt Spike is destroyed, destroying Leon (AFTER Spike is destroyed only!) means you get paid.

The Review (GalSpan - 12250 cr - G) Escort 4 shuttles through the Ceriphilon Sector. There will be an attack by several Daggers. These ships, however, are tougher than the previous missions, so bear that in mind. Incidentally, I find it funny that the debriefing says that new weapons are available as a result of the attack... and really, all there is Bradford Brixx.
New Wingman: Bradford Brixx.

Final Payment (GalSpan - 16825 cr - G) NW
Escort two wings of Void Pirate marauders to Ceriphilon. They will attack you, attempting to get their revenge for a pay cut. Destroy them to win. Nice and easy.

Arena Gambit (2450 cr - F) NW
The reason I didn't include the employer is because this is actually two different missions. If you take the Malkar mission, you also receive a Booster. If you accept Onrald's side, you get Smart Shields. Flying Onrald's mission against Malkar is a bit easier, in my opinion, but smart shields are really irritating. See the CPU card guide for more. Be warned, either way there are also mines that fire on you.
New Items: Booster OR Smart Shields

Hajod's Bargain (GalSpan - 13125 cr - F)
Capture Alexander Onrald's ship for Hajod. Be sure to bring Tesla missiles (Or a wingman like Tora Embers who does). It's a fairly simple mission, but be careful, Onrald's Flare ships are very efficient.
New Items: Fog Radar, Radiation Screen
New Regional Pass: Frontier to Twilight

Drone Abduction (GalSpan - 15785 cr - T)
Head to Cassitor's production field. Destroy a comm tower, beam aboard the drone, and get out of there. Zzzzzzzzz...
New Items: Helios Rockets
New Wingman: Jasper 1000
New Regional Pass: Twilight to Ripstar

Lost to the Fog (League of Scientists - 6230 cr - T)
Save the Michelson and Morley from Cassitor. Cassitor's drones are fast and hideously overpowered, but when you nail them down, they are easily destroyed. One hit from a Deimos Hvy. Laser or Hunter torpedo will drop their shields, and leave them with very little hull strength. More or less anything after that will destroy them. (Just destroy them fast: their shields recharge fully in about 10 seconds flat.) If you bring a ship that has hunter torpedoes in a dual-emitter slot, link em and fire two torpedoes at once.

Rescue Persephone (GalSpan - 17995 cr - F)
Deliver a new engine core to the Persephone. Defend it as it jumps out of the Fury sector. This mission is difficult for one reason only: The second batch of fighters launched carry Helios rockets, and they try to destroy the Persephone.

Freedom and Humiliation (Malkar - 12285 cr - F)
This mission is hard for one reason only: The station's lasers fire on you as well as the fighters. Best strategy: Hide on the underside of the station and wait for the fighters to come get you. If you use the Inf. Afterburning cheat (see Cheats) you can slide towards the 4 Midges on the opposite side of the station, and take them out before they even break formation.

The Bounty (Star Patrol - 3000 cr - F)
The mission is to capture Redship Rory. All you'll do is find out that he will be attacking a freighter named the Galluran. You'll have to eliminate 3 wings of Shrikes to do so, though.

The Rory Sting (Star Patrol - 12000 cr - H)
Escort the Galluran and defend it when Redship Rory attacks. You are supposed to call Star Patrol, but you are unable to because you are being jammed. Be sure to bring Tesla Missiles (or, if flying Bora, an EMP projector) and/or a wingman who does. You must destroy all Redship fighters, except Rory, who is to be disabled and captured alive.

The Identity Game (GalSpan - 22750 cr - R)
Head to the Mercenary sector. You will be hailed by three different Bora ships, all claiming to be GalSpan operatives. Only the Battleaxe, named Quasar, is. The other two are Bora counter-agents. Beam aboard the data pack in front of the Quasar, and then try to escort the Quasar back to Hellas. You don't get more pay for getting it through.
New Items: Smart Shields
New Ship: Archangel

Logan's Run (None - None - R)
This isn't really a mission, but the joke was just too horrible to pass up. This is part of the Identity Game mission above: In the Canopus Research sector, there's a sattelite. Destroying this one, and two more that appear after it, summon two Bora capital ships that appear 5 KM to either side of you and start shooting. Difficult, but very fun!

Fleet Battle (GalSpan - 25725 cr - R)
Once you get to the Ripping fields, focus on the capital ship, the Fortitude. As soon as it is destroyed, the Pyxis will jump out of the sector and the contract is complete. Either jump out and home yourself, or have fun and destroy the (many) Bora fighters. Note: I suggest you take out the weapons powerplant first, this ship doesn't have anywhere you can sit and pound them without getting hit like most other ships. If the Pyxis is destroyed, the mission fails.

A Bank Without Money (GalSpan - 15750 cr - T)
Defend the Cerebus from the Demon Pirates. In order to get it into the sector, you will have to fly within 1 KM of three nav buoys to reprogram them as homing signals. The Hydras will run into the station, there's nothing you can do about it.
New Items: Booster, Advanced Blast Torpedo
New Wingman: Bernardo

The Sightseer (Nebula Tours - 12775 cr - T)
Defend the Sightseer from the Demon Pirates as it tours the Dusk and Far Space sectors. It's a bit tough because there's a lot of pirates.

Final Retribution (League of Scientists - 22750 cr - T)
Escort Barghest to Cassitor's station. She will summon the Demon Pirates, who will then destroy Cassitor's station. Run for it as soon as you can, or they will attack you too. Bring a Radiation screen card.

The Final Plan Unveiled (GalSpan - 46025 cr - R)
Protect Hephaestus from the final Bora assault. Bring a fog radar card. Then, once that's done, retrieve Susan Bradley, and bring her to the Zeus. She will give a peace talk. This is the last GalSpan mission to win the game. Congratulations!