1. What are the differences in flying Bora versus GalSpan?
From a weapons point of view, GalSpan has bad lasers, but most missiles and torpedoes are guided. Bora, NOTHING is guided, rockets are a bit less powerful than missiles, and lasers are excellent. Depending on your personal accuracy, and also on the speed of your computer, you might find it very difficult to fly Bora. In terms of moralistic, it's just a game. Who cares? Like I suggest (and for that matter so do the designers) is to copy your game to a second slot before the Independence missions, so you can play both sides.

2. I can't get cheat X to work.
If its a cheat preprogrammed into the game, did you remember to enter im a cheater first to enable cheats? Also remember that the cheats have to be typed into the dialog box that comes up when you hit NUMBER PAD 7. The 7 above the Y and U keys will not work. The Instant recharge cheat: This is only for the RELOAD rate. It does nothing for the laser power reserves. The others: I tried to make them as clear as possible. Just reread them and try again. If you REALLY have trouble, email me.

3. I've found a mistake / cheat / crate. How can I get ahold of you?
If you've found a cheat or crate that I don't have listed, great! If you've found a mistake, or something you think I should include, it's all Microsoft's fault! No, I'm joking. If you think you have found any mistakes, cheats, crates, or anything else that you feel my guide is lacking, PLEASE first double check that it is (or is not) there. If you're sure that I've missed something, please e-mail me with whatever it is you've found. My e-mail address is SpockJr.removethis.spamdefense@spockjr.com. I will try to answer every email, but make no guarantees. If you want to be listed in the Credits section below, please include your name and/or e-mail address in the BODY (TEXT) of your email. I will not publish either without your written request / permission, and I will remove it if you ever ask. One thing: If you got it from someone else, GIVE THEM CREDIT. Thank you.

4. Where can I find a copy of Tachyon?
Why are you reading this if you don't already own a copy? Anyways. It's on Steam now, but it did not age well, and may not load properly on new computers, so buy at your own risk.

5. My computer seemed to pause for a minute and then I blew up.
Ah, you have experienced state of the art technology! NovaLogic programmed Tachyon to be VERY graphics rich, far more so than needed. Could be worse: your computer could do like mine used to and only render one screen per second, even with nothing in front of you. (If this is also happening to you, you have my heartfelt sympathy.) Two possibilities: Upgrade your computer. Getting a better processor, video card, or more RAM will all help to some degree. If you don't know computers inside and out, find a computer guru, and wave a rental of Star Trek / Star Wars / The Matrix etc. in his/her face and ask for help. Please don't email me asking for help! I simply don't have enough time in my life, I'm not actually there, and we might have miscommunications that would cost a lot to fix if your computer gave up the ghost. Incidentally, you can often get near-top-of-the-line parts on Yahoo and eBay auctions. Be careful though, some people try to rip you off there. Second possibility: Press "pause" repeatedly. When you do this, the game will refresh as fast as you're hitting pause. This does make playing the game kinda unwieldy though, especially if you fly using the keyboard and mouse.

6. Where can I find these wingmen / ships / items?
Wingmen can be hired through the "Wingmen" subset of the Job Board. Ships can be bought in the Shipyard (In the Hangar). Weapons and CPU cards can be bought and mounted by selecting "Configure Ship" in the hangar.