All the websites (authorised or unauthorised) who host my guide. (And to the unauthorised websites: You wanna email me? I don't mind you hosting my guide, but it would be nice to know where it is, and besides, I can let you know when there's a new version.)

Sephirstein for getting me started with FAQS. I also borrowed a lot of structure and copyright data for this FAQ from the "Shining Force" Walkthrough that he started, that we now co-author.

NovaLogic: Thank you for making such a great game. Now make a sequel! Please? Also, thanks for permission to include your coprighted images on my site.

IDM Computer Solutions: For making UltraEdit, a text editor with extras that make it extremely useful for writing fixed-width and HTML files.

Bboyhops: For contributing a whack of hidden crates. Keep them coming!

Daniel Palma: For contributing a hidden fight and telling me about something I missed in the manual (which led to me finding another crate.) By the way: Daniel, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I didn't answer your e-mail! I deleted it by mistake. I found the Munn....

A Figure In Black: For contributing a hidden crate.

Lewis Cummings: For teaching me how to stay undetected in the "Weasel in the coop" mission

All the anonymous tipsters who have contributed without recognition My thanks. To date, there are six of you.

Your Name Here: Find me an error, cheat or crate and e-mail it to me.