Note: All HP and percent numbers are averages or estimates. Percentages were calculated by 10 repeated castings of the spell. HP Regained/lost averaged on two or three. If you find that some of this if significanly off, please email Shivers. PS: Although Detox 2 is in the game data, and included here, noone ever learns it. Ditto for Desoul 2, except that Dark Dragon knows it.

The range indicates the distance from the caster that the spell can reach, IE a range of 0 means the spell can only be cast on the caster, a range of 1 means they can cast the spell on themself, or on someone right next to them, etc. A range of "3B" (Freeze Lv. 3/4) means that the spell can reach up to three spaces, but NOT the space immediately next to the spell caster.

The radius shows how many spots can be affected by the spell, IE a radius of 1 only affects one monster, 2 means the targeted monster and any monsters right next to the target, etc.

If you're looking for info as to who learns what spell, see the character guide.

Blaze 12216 HP damage
Blaze 25229 HP damage
Blaze 382213 HP damage
Blaze 482135 HP damage
Bolt 182212 HP Damage
Bolt 2153314 HP Damage
Bolt 3203322 HP Damage
Bolt 4203150 HP Damage
Desoul 182125% chance of instant kill
Desoul 2152250% chance of instant kill
Dispel 152150% chance of silencing magic
Freeze 13218 HP Damage
Freeze 272211 HP Damage
Freeze 3103B218 HP Damage
Freeze 4103B142 HP Damage
Muddle 162125% chance of fog; no known use
Sleep 162125% chance of sleep
Slow 152150% chance of DF & AG -10
Slow 2202250% chance of DF & AG -10
Aura 173215 HP Restored
Aura 2113315 HP Restored
Aura 3153330 HP Restored
Aura 4180ALL50 HP Restored
Boost 11531Attack +15
Detox 1311Removes Poison
Detox 2611Removes Poison
Egress 180ALLReturns to last save point
Heal 131113 HP Restored
Heal 252113 HP Restored
Heal 3103127 HP Restored
Heal 42011All HP Restored
Quick 1511Defense + Agility +10
Quick 21622Defense + Agility +10
Shield 1521Stops all magic (Friend AND foe)