Version 0.5b: Everything is complete expect chapters 3-8 of the walkthrough, chapters 3-8 of the battle guide, and a proper strategy on defeating Dark Dragon. I will add this as I replay more of the game. Tell me what else you want me to improve or add.

Version 0.51b: Removed some underlines and all the hyphenation because it looked horrible in GameFAQS. This should allow you to read this without seeing hyphens in the middle of words. I also fixed a couple of spacing problems and mentioned in one of my FAQs that Moogie's Ultimate Shining Force Guide also includes info on how to get Shining Force 2.

Version 0.8b: Lots of new stuff in this version. Finished the walkthrough and battle guide up to Chapter 5 and added a difficulty rating out of 10 for each battle. Also added an FAQ on how to gain levels quickly ad easily, a guide to getting Kokichi to join the force (added to one of my FAQs,) and some more info about Arthur and Earnest in the character guide. I also explained a very cheap way to beat Elliot, Balbazak and Ramladu as well as an FAQ on the best way to promote characters. I proceeded to make a couple fixes to the item guides and to various typos. I also added Karl Plouffe to my credits list for some of his info regarding Arthur and easy level ups. This could be the last update in a while as I start school on September 7th.

Version 0.85b: Greatly improved the format and the readability of my FAQ thanks to tips from Kao Megura's FAQ writing suggestions. Also changed my disclaimer to a slightly modified version of one of his disclaimers because it was a lot better than the one I had.

Version 1.0: The final version is ready. Sorry if it is almost a month late. I honestly could have finished it at pretty much anytime, but I just never really felt much like doing it. In this version, I continued to do minor formatting improvements (including the much needed Word Wrap), and I dotted a few "Is" and crossed a few "Ts" in my disclaimer and credits section. I also corrected a couple of grammatical errors. Now, for the good stuff. I overhauled my character section, improved my boss guide, added a couple of FAQs, and, as I'm sure you've all been waiting for, I have completed my Walkthrough and my Battle Guide. Let me know if there are any information errors or major grammatical errors or if there is anything you feel needs to be added.

Version 1.1: This time around, I:

Version 1.3:

Version 1.3a: Oops, forgot to update the date completed. Should be correct now.

Version 1.3b:

Version 1.3c:Properly updated the date (now 2002 instead of 2001)

Version 1.32:

Version 1.32a:Oops, forgot to change the version number on initial info. Should be correct now.

Version 1.32b:

Version 2.0:(Entry by Shivers) The guide is now HTML-ised. I corrected a few errors that I had found when I went through Ver 1.32b. I also added a few asides (In Italics). And wow.... I've gained new respect for the amount of information this guide contains. I lost track of the number of hours I took to do all this.

Version 2.1:(Entry by Shivers) Hot linked the Table of Contents so that you could quickly hop to what you were looking for. Rewrite a lot of code to improve readability. And, lets be honest, corrected a stack of silly HTML errors (well, mostly HTML) that I had made.

Version 2.11:(Entry by Sephirstein) This time around, I:

Version 2.12:(Entry by Sephirstein) This time around, I:

Version 2.12a:(Entry by Sephirstein) This time around, I:

Version 2.13:(Entry by Sephirstein) This time around, I:

Version 3.0:(Entry by Shivers)
(After vanishing off the face of the earth for a year, I'm back!) Another major changeover: This guide, in HTML form is enormous. So, I've broken it down into several pages, with a navigation bar so that people only have to load what they NEED to know. Also:

Version 3.01: (Entry by Shivers)
Mostly minor corrections. There's only three things worth mentioning:

Version 3.02: (Entry by Shivers)
Playing the game again for the first time in a couple years, and I've discovered a few typos in the guide. When I was fixing them, I realised that I havent heard from Sephirstien in literally two years, and all his old links are now broken, except for one, which is now 3 versions out of date. I'm presuming that he (unlike me) has moved on to other things.... so I'm making the only host of the guide that I worry about updating. Everyone else, talk to me before hosting this beast and I'll keep you in the loop! Also changed my email info.

Version 3.03: (Entry by Shivers)
Another cleanup type thing. Removed references to all old broken links and made sure everything that I put in all said "Shivers" and not my old nickname.