Shivers: I have programmed these links to open in a new window, so that you wont have to scroll like mad to find these again and again. However, they are all programmed to open in ONE new window, not a new one for each, so be warned. If you want a new window for each, Shift+click. These links were working as of the last time I updated this guide, but if there's been any changes, such is the internet.

Moogie's Shining Force Central: (includes pages for many different shining games)


Zophar's Domain:

Emulation Camp: Defunct

Genecyst: Defunct, get it at Zophar's Domain

KGen/KGen 98: Defunct, get it at Zophar's Domain

Kega (recommended emulator): Defunct

Gens (recommended emulator): Defunct


Sashanan's Review:

Kao Megura's Page: Defunct

IDM Computer Solutions:

Dallas: Defunct