My name is Sephirstein, and many of you may know me from Shining Force Central or from GameFAQs. Shining Force is an excellent game for me to write a guide about because I find the FAQs on GameFAQs to be, with all due respect to the authors, somewhat incomplete. Besides, Shining Force is an awesome RPG that deserves a kick ass Guide. Naturally, this work is as much a gathering of information as it is a guide, for I have included many important pieces of information from other sources. If anyone has any suggestions about how I can make my guide better, don't be afraid to E-Mail me, post me a message on Moogie's Shining Force forum or the GameFAQs Shining Force forum, or give me a shout on ICQ. Hopefully, this guide is able to help you with any problems you may have with this game, and teach you a few new things about it at the same time.

...And I'm Shivers (SpockJr being an old nickname, but I don't want to move websites.) Chances are, no one's ever heard of me. I stumbled across this game, and this guide, by a phenomenal series of coincidences beginning in a Future Shop store where I picked up a sega classic games CD. When I did come across this guide, I had too much time on my hands, and an obcession with the "Shining" series. I noticed that Seph wanted to HTML-ise this guide, so I offered to do it, and then started to add a few touches of my own.