Note: There is no guarantee that any of these things will happen or that nothing else will happen.

I hope to eventually HTMLize this guide, now that I have more than enough skills to do so. (Maybe someone can offer to do this: hint hint)(Shivers: You're about as subtle as a locomotive. Well, here you go.)

I hope to eventually include a statistical analysis of the game's characters, as a opposed to just the subjective qualitative analysis I have now. (Shivers: "Insert checkmark here.")

A listing of items and treasure available in every part of the game.

Shivers: Sometime when I'm super-bored, I may go through and re-do the long-since-lost level-up charts so that I can make a recommended promotion level for each character. That's easily going to be a 40 hour project once more, so it won't be soon.

I hope to fix any errors currently in the guide. (Shivers: That's a never-ending battle. PS: Anyone who has noticed something you think we should fix up, please email us, our addresses can be found here.)