Moogie: For letting me use the information from Moogie and Sir Fil's Shining Force 1 Page (now defunct, though she has a new one) and for being the leader of the online Shining Force community

Sir Fil: For working with Moogie on Moogie and Sir Fil's Shining Force 1 Page.

Col. G. L. Sicherman: For allowing people to make additions or corrections to his walkthrough which gave me access to some information that saved me at least a few days. His E-Mail addresses are and

CAmerica: For his excellent Shining Force walkthrough even though I didn't end up using it. (

CJayC: For putting my guide on his webpage, GameFAQs and for working his ass off for the gaming community.

Sega: For creating the Genesis, publishing SF1 and releasing it in North America. Too bad I can't remember the name of the developer. I think it was Sonic Team and Climax.

Sardu (Bloodlust Software): For making Genecyst, my original emulator of choice and the best DOS Genesis emulator.

Steve Snake: For making another great DOS-based Genesis emulator that I've used in the past, KGEN 98. Steve Snake has now returned, after a 3.5 year hiatus, to create Kega, an exciting new Win9X/2K Genesis/Sega CD emulator.

Stef: For creating Gens, the best Genesis/SegaCD/32x emulator ever made. It's even Win9X/2K based.

All other emulator authors and emulation website maintainers: For making great programs and allowing the emulation community to grow. All emulation fans go to Zophar's Domain or Emucamp if you've never been there, as they are both great sites with links and downloads of the aforementioned emulators.

All ROM dumpers: For dumping many ROMs (such as SF1) for many older videogame consoles.

Corel: For making Corel WordPerfect 8 and 10, which I used to write this guide before converting to a .txt file. 9 also kicks ass, but I never used it for this guide.

Karl Plouffe: For telling me that trick to gain levels in the Ramladu fight and for telling that Arthur doesn't suck if you actually promote him. E-Mail him at

Kao Megura: For writing a guide that helped me greatly improve the appearance, readability, format and disclaimer of my guide. Hey Kao, thanks for helping me with that darn Gold Chocobo a few years ago.

For anyone else who has helped me with this guide or who has posted my guide with permission.

For everyone in the Shining community for allowing such an incredible game series to live.

Myself and Shivers: For writing and maintaining this guide. (Yeah, we're special! Or as my friend once said "Cpecial with a capital C")

Dallas: For his outstanding FAQ writing guide that introduced me to UltraEdit

IDM Computer Solutions: For creating UltraEdit, an outstanding Notepad replacement.