After you win a battle, you see the force still on the battle field before leaving the screen. You can't access the menu when you stand on a square also occupied by a fellow force member.

The A.I. is generally so pathetic it deserves to be called a bug.

Marionette's magic is almost as powerful as the magic possessed by the two side heads of Dark Dragon.

Dark Dragon and Dark Sol, two Devil kings, take full damage from magic, yet some buffoon like Balbazak has magic resistance.

The "sheep" in Pao are actually pigs.

If you sell an weapon to the king/salesman in Waral at his items booth, or vice-versa, he says "I don't sell this, but I know somone who does." Does he have split personalities, a twin brother, or is he just insane or stupid?

One of the bookcases in Manarina reads "Spark Level 4"... However, in the translation, the "Spark" spell was re-named "Bolt".

The "SKNT" class contraction refers to both Guntz's unpromoted Steam Knight, and Lyle's promoted Strike Knight forms.

If you leave the "Road to Pao bridge" battle (By going straight to the bridge) when there's still enemies, you don't get your HP restored before the "Cross that bridge" battle.

-Shining Force and International Ice Hockey:

Pause for thought:

Shining Force 1: The 1980 Miracle on Ice, in which an unexpected group of rag-tag heroes (led by captain Mike Eurizone AKA Max) led the Americans to consecutive victories over the Soviets and the Fins (Dark Sol and Dark Dragon respectively) and to a 1980 ice hockey Winter Olympics gold medal in Lake Placid. This broke the Russian streak of 5 consecutive olympic gold medals. Kane, of course, is Vetislav Tretiak, the Russian goalie.

Shining Force 2: More links here. I like to think of SF2 as the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union (so what if it came before). Canada, led by Paul Henderson (AKA Bowie), overcame many cheap traps set-up by the Soviets and the their supporters to eventually defeat them and win the series (in Moscow, symbolized by Arc Valley). I like to think of Odd Eye as Vetislav Tretiak, and Bowie's victory over him representing Paul Henderson's game winning goal in the final victory. The victory over Zeon is more symbolic of the defeat of the Russians as a whole. Of course, like the Canadians as compared with the Americans, the Shining Force was not as rag-tag in Shining Force 2, though like in the Summit Series, the victory was a bit of an upset.

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