Note: All bosses expect Laser Eye and some of the later ones are extremely resistant to magic. Magic can still be useful to inflict an extra couple HP of damage, however. Numbers in brackets indicates the number of HP recovered by this boss per turn.

Marionette (7): The first real boss. She's a real **censored** as she can kill most of your characters in one hit with her Freeze Level 3 spell. She also regains HP and MP. To beat her, kill all the other enemies and surround her. If someone dies, replace that character immediately as she doesn't cast Freeze Level 3 as often when she is surrounded. This boss is still tough because her attack is pretty high. Oh and one more thing, keep Max as far away from her as possible.

Ghoul (0): The Ghoul is not necessarily a boss, but it is a unique enemy that you only see at Shade Abbey, has magic resistance, and killing it does indeed win the battle. Anyways, just follow my strategy outlined in the section about the Shade Abbey battle in Chapter 2, and you should be fine.

Laser Eye (0): Though you don't have to kill it to win the battle, it's very dangerous because it can wipe out weaker characters in its line of fire. Kill it quickly and then do whatever you want to win the battle. You can also use Balbaroy to fly around it and kill the wimpy Silver Knight that you must kill in order to win the battle. If you're REALLY patient you can wait for the Laser Eye to kill all the Dark Priests and Lizardmen guarding the path to it before charging it (I suggest using an emulator and cranking the speed as fast as possible if you don't want to spend hours by using this method.)

Elliot (15): Elliot's much easier than Marionette and Laser Eye, but still packs a good punch if you're not careful. Kill all his wimpy friends first and then surround him with strong dudes before proceeding to beat the crap out of him. Previously I said that Elliot doesn't move. A couple of people informed me that such was not the case, and upon replaying the game, I found that Elliot might indeed move to attack.

Balbazak (15): Just kill everyone around him and exploit his unwillingness to move. He's really easy and I cannot understand why he gives so many people trouble.

Kane (15): Now you're in trouble. Thank God his little buddies usually only hurt you for 1 point of damage. His attack is extremely high as is his defense. He also has the Sword of Darkness which can cast Desoul, possibly killing one of your characters automatically. Fight him like Elliot and Balbazak but be very careful and don't use your leader on him. In fact make your leader stay far, far away. Don't worry if he gives you at least as much trouble as Marionette. He's tough.

Shivers: There's an alternate exploit: With the Elven Arrow, you can take out the Mage and Durahan guarding him, and then hit him over and over again. He doesn't replensigh his health before his first move.

For some reason, he is called Cain in this battle and Kane everywhere else. Hmmm... maybe Sega should have let Working Designs translate this game. Oh well, at least the translation's better here than in the sequel. Right Evil Spilit?

Update: Nix the Working Designs idea...After what they did to Shining Wisdom, (Parmecia = Palacia?, Zeon = Zhaion??, Bowie = Puck?????) they should stick to remakes.

Mishaela (15): Her attack sucks but watch out, as you can only attack her with one character at a time (unless you have fliers, archers, and magic users) and her defense is quite high. Watch out for her Bolt Level 2 and use the Power Ring if you need it to hurt her. Heck, don't be afraid to break the ring if you have too. Like Kane, thank God, this battle has weak enemies. I think I'm the only person who actually has trouble with her (probably because most of you are still stuck on Balbazak...;-) ).

Chaos (15): He has high attack but it's not quite as high as Kane's. He has a 18 - 21 damage laser attack. Kill him fast because the other enemies are a lot stronger than in the last few battles and are capable of pulverizing you if you are not careful. Your prizes for beating him are Adam(whoopee) and the Chaos Breaker (Whoo Hoo!).

Ramladu (24): He has the highest attack of any enemy in the game (arrgh! 95 attack). He also has Aura 3 so he can heal a lot of damage in addition to his boss heal ability, although I do not think he has ever used the spell. (Shivers: Maybe you're just lucky. I ALWAYS end up with him casting it, usually right when I think he's a goner.) Ignore the extremely strong enemies and kill him ASAP, or you'll probably die unless you're at Level 20+ promoted. Once again though, you can also kill him using the same cheap strategy that works on Elliot and Balbazak which makes this battle a lot easier to win, but be forewarned, it will take a while as he recovers 24 HP per round. (Shivers: Um, like Elliot, he will actually move to attack.... I had Alef practicing magic on him mainly to level her up, when he just walked over and slaughtered her.)

Colossus (0): Colossus is actually not too tough, but he does have strong enemies with him. In the introduction, Collosus splits into three, with one part having Blaze 3, the other having Freeze 3 and the greatest possessing the dreaded Bolt 3. Colossus will give you a good taste of what to expect when fighting Dark Dragon. Take out the enemies before you take him out than deal with each Colossus one at a time. (They're all spread out which makes this quite easy because you won't get bombarded with spells from all cylinders.)

Darksol (0): He's pretty much a wimp in terms of physical attacks but watch out for his Demon Breath ,as it can do 30+ damage to a small group of characters. There are High Priests here which can fully restore his HP with Heal 4 (although they're positioned horribly and never seem to do much besides stand halfway across the battle field from Darksol). Defeat Darksol as quickly as possible and Be careful not to have any characters die. Do not use important items, as you'll have to fight Dark Dragon without a chance to regroup back in Runefaust. (although your HP & MP will be restored between the two battles). If you do regroup during the Dark Dragon battle, you'll have to fight Darksol all over again. I think Darksol's the last boss in Shining in the Darkness, but I didn't like the game so I'm not sure. (Shivers: He is, although when you beat him the first time he does a "Why me?" speech and is reincarnated. And yes, he's pretty crappy in that game too.)

Dark Dragon (0): Compared to some of the last bosses I fought in RPGs, this guy's not very challenging at all. First off, kill the two Armed Skeletons and start attacking Dark Dragon's center head, as it has a more powerful version of Darksol's Demon Breath attack, as well as Desoul II (I've never seen him use it). As soon as you kill the skeletons (which should only take 1 or 2 hits), stand on the point where they spawned at the beginning of the battle with your healers so that they will not respawn . Keep beating on the center head with physical attacks and Level 4 magic spells and use characters that cannot get to the center head to start attacking the two side heads. The center head will die after you do 280 points of damage. After the center head is dealt with, this battle should be a piece of cake. The side heads only have Blaze 3 (lol), Freeze 2 (lol), Bolt IV (I've only seen III) and are also very vulnerable to magic. (Shivers: They have Desoul 2 as well.) They have 240 HP. Every single one of Dark Dragon's heads is comically slow, and will only attack between 2 and 4 times before being killed. After you kill the side heads, take a deep breath, relax and give yourself a pat on the back for completing the second easiest Strategy-RPG ever made. Watch the ending for a foreshadow of Shining Force Gaiden 3: The Final Conflict for Gamegear (never released outside of Japan).