This is a complete listing of all the advice Nova gives you throughout the game. Utterly useless, but I don't like only covering part of the game.

Chapter 1

A word of advice. Seek the hermit who lives by the gate of the ancients!

Beware of giant bats! They fly swiftly and fight fiercely!

The enemy's mages and archers attack best from afar. Charge them quickly!

Chapter 2

Zombies and other unnatural creatures suffer greatly from magical fire.

In tight places, such as caverns, look before you leap into battle. Plan ahead! Greater numbers alone will not win battles. Keep your troops in close formation!

Mages are powerful, but even their power has its limits. Use magic sparingly!

Chapter 3

Use your flying friends well. Also, monks and priests gain experience by healing.

Use healing magic as much as possible.

When fighting in woods, plan well before moving. Keep your troops together. Air warriors and long-range weapons are very useful in certain situations.

Chapter 4

There is no refuge on the Pao prarie. Stick together when fighting.

Be sure to use your archers, mages, and knights to attack from afar.

Clever use of the skills and strengths of your troops is the key to victory.

Chapter 5

You must protect against attacks from both air and sea. Don't forget!

To confuse the enemy, divide your troops and advance from several directions at once.

Remember to watch for both air and sea attacks!

Chapter 6

Woods and mountains are difficult terrains. Plan your attack carefully.

This is a strange village. It would be sure death to face a powerful foe here alone.

You still have a long way to go. Use magic wisely. Give herbs to everyone.

Word has reached me that Mishaela is gathering forces to stop you. Be very careful!

Chapter 7

Thick woods are tough to get through. Close your ranks and fight as a unit. Move cautiously against flying opponents. They move faster than your troops.

Your strongest foes and hardest battles are still ahead of you.

Keep weaker folk away from the front lines!

Chapter 8

Darksol has gathered his best warriors for the final battles. Prepare yourself!

Do not exhaust yourselves here. Use Egress to retreat from overwhelming odds.

I have no more advise for you. Fight as best you can. (That's an in-game typo! I didn't screw up!)